In Praise of Pittsburgh

As I’ve been traveling more, I’ve been facing the sometimes-unpleasant comparative realities of Pittsburgh vs. other American cities. Pittsburgh is not a perfect place. And it might not be as beautiful or special or whatever else I thought it was, in my fanatical youth, when compared to the metropolises of our nation. And there will […]

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Racism vs. love of kin

*sigh* A little while ago, Catholic Twitter got all in a whirl about race and racism. The twitter accounts with a Vatican flag in their name started posting about their dislike for “teh Blacks,” alleging that Black people are a “subspecies” of humanity, that White people shouldn’t marry someone who isn’t White, and so forth.

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On Catholic Guilt

I recently saw a video from Fr. Mike Schmitz about if I am a “good person,” with the thumbnail “what’s the deal with Catholic guilt?” Fr. Mike always does a good job with his videos, and as usual delivers a compelling presentation of the sensible, middle-of-the-road Catholicism that Ascension Presents tends to preach. However, it

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4 Thoughts on Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas has been the focus (yet again) of widespread media discontent. The two “big” reports are that 1) his wife is an active conservative advocate heavily involved in issues that will soon reach the Supreme Court, especially the 2020 election; and 2) that he received expensive personal gifts from a rich conservative friend which

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